Good Morning

A black dot on a white wall.
It enlarges till finally it blurs.
transported into another world
A maze surrounds you
It has no rules.
You are the rule.
It has no boundaries.
You are the boundary.
You are the king.
You are the pawn.
Every move you make counts
What to do?
Which road to take?
At every step a mystery unfolds
Only you can solve it
Its all a big maze
And only you can find the way out
The darkness spreads its wings
Your heart begin to race
As the time keeps running you out
run! run! run! 
as fast as you can
A tornado is approaching
The waves have begun to rise
They are coming to get you
What you gonna do?
What you gonna do about it?
No place to hide
No place to go
As you loose breath and fall
you wait for the inevitable
The earth below you shakes
And you fall into a bottomless pit
The temperature begins to rise
All seems to be upside down
You are wrapped in chains
You try to break free
But all is in vain
No choices left
No light at the end of the tunnel
The world begins to spin
You begin to sweat
A deep last breath
Everything is going to end
A loud scream
And then lightening
The dot reappears
It moves around
It is looking for something
The window is open
The sun is out
Good Morning

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