I ask you my friend a question.
What is it in this world?
That makes you yearn to live more.
That lets you not come with me.

Is it the scorching heat of the desert sun?
Or the numbing effect of the snowfields.
Is it the tempestuous wind of the caves?
Or it’s the darkness in the woods.

What are you waiting for my friend?
Come with me, I shall show you.
Come the new world awaits you.
Come and live your dreams.

I bring to you a world of pleasure.
Full of things that one can only dream.
But only it is very true;
Beautiful, wonderful, exotic and magical.

Death my friend, I can’t come.
Lot is left for me to overcome.
Many a things for me to explore.
Miles to go, before my last slumber.

The sun has just risen past the horizon.
And the night is far away.
I walk to reach my destination.
Death my friend, life has just begun.

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